Do you find yourself with a lot of time on your hands? Are you the type that cannot abide staying idle? Do you believe you have enough creativity to invest into adventure? Or are you just interested in doing something other than the regular chores? If you said yes to the above, then this is the right place for you.

Most people like housewives, husbands, 9-to-5 employees and the likes find that their life gets monotonous as they perform the same actions and duties day in day out.

For the housewife, it involves taking care of the household and making sure her spouse and children are comfortable. For the husband it involves earning an income to care for his family which might involve holding down a nine to five job. For the ordinary worker it means trying to reach organizational goals and targets every month. This type of routine activity can lead to boredom and in some cases depression due to the lack of fun or spice.

Now, as a comedian, you must hold a part-time job. After all, being a comic doesn’t pay off until you’ve made it to the big leagues. While you get by, holding down other jobs might not be as interesting. Be it as a barista, or a corporate employee, you know your passion lies in comedy, thus the boredom or feeling of frustration comes down on you. And it comes down on you hard.

Most doctors and behavioral specialists recommend that the affected individuals pick up hobbies. The dictionary gives several meanings to the term “hobby”. It can be described as a focus point, object, plan or subject in which an individual is constantly set on; a favorite activity that has a recurring theme; that which occupies one’s attention at leisure, or to the weariness of onlookers, an overriding passion. Having a hobby offsets the chances of being depressed or constantly bored.

Now the great thing is, is that you already have a hobby: comedy. Now, it might not be a lucrative hobby, yet. But it can turn into your full-time passion if you work hard enough.

Now, hobbies are activities that an individual derives pleasure in and serves as a secondary activity, such can be found in the case of film production. Having a story and the proper way to tell the story are vital elements in film production. Video production can be a great secondary hobby for you. Being a comic, the best way to improve yourself is by recording your shows and acts.

Film production goes way beyond recording things on tape and editing them, it involves getting the film right and having the editing done in a way that the flow of the story can be followed by anyone without being confused or knowing the plot beforehand is really important. If you’re constantly recording your shows, you can edit the same act you’ve performed countless of times, see what worked best, why it worked best. Was it because you raised your arm to the side when you delivered the punch line? Or was it because of your mannerism leading up to the punch line? Studying yourself through film can be extremely helpful.

Famous comedy clubs use video recordings to film each of their members when they go on stage. It’s a great way to improve your act and see first hand what you could be doing better. The renowned Upright Citizens Brigade in Chicago, who has seen the likes of Amy Pohler, Matt Walsh, Matt Besser, and many other comedic geniuses, often used video as a way to do constructive criticism. The interesting world of Chicago video production, extends much farther than comedy, as the theater and professional video production companies flourish in the area as well.

The production stage of a video makes the difference between its perception by the viewers, the understanding of the message it is trying to portray and if it is a comedy special for family and friends, or meant for commercial purposes like your own Netflix or HBO special. Yes, HBO special, think big!

Aside from the end results such as a wonderful edited package documenting life and as a means to relieve cringe worthy moments from your comedic acts, there are other advantages that can be attributed to film production:

Stress Reliever:

Being able to let go of all worries as you focus your camera lenses on capturing nature at its best or recording a monumental occasion in life is an added benefit. Instead of worrying about life or stressing about situations, focus is redirected to the recording. Furthermore, when you record yourself, and are able to see yourself from a new angle, you gain new perspective in your comedic routine. You’re able to see what others see, and have the added bonus of sitting down with a friend or peer to help you improve your act.

Explore Creativity:

Most individuals have a creative side that if not explored ends up lying dormant. Film production is an avenue to test the extents of creativity by pushing the boundaries. Moreover, being a comedian requires a push of creativity. By utilizing film and video production as a secondary avenue, you might be able to get inspired and produce an even better routine!